Abstract watercolor painting of David Bowie with his signature lightning bolt face paint.

College Student Spotlight: Jordan Poole

This article was originally published in the first issue of VIA Noke Magazine, printed in Roanoke, Virginia in May 2012.

  • School: Virginia Western Community College
  • Major: Communication Design

Jordan Poole has been an artist as long as he can remember. His work ranges from still life studies and portraiture to conceptual pieces inspired by social issues. His choices of medium are just as varied. “I have no single medium that I prefer to work with. I believe it is important to understand art as multifaceted and through a variety of study and mediums I can enhance that understanding.”

“I am inspired by nearly every movement in art and each new view. I have recently become inspired by Joyce Faulknor, and Jesi Pace Berkley, and I will always find inspiration in the works of Jackson Pollock and my father David Poole. My inspiration is ever differing. I will see something that will spark a train of thought and usually my art will be its conclusion, and each is significantly different, but occasionally I will continue to produce from a single thought.”

Jordan also finds inspiration in music. “I think that art and music share similar aesthetic qualities in beauty and in the way they deliver messages. I believe I am motivated by music and art similarly.”

“I think that art and music share similar aesthetic qualities in beauty and in the way they deliver messages.”

After his time at Western, Jordan plans to attend the Douglas Education Center for Tom Savini’s Special Makeup Effects program. His dream is to work as a prosthetic makeup artist for the film industry creating special makeup effects. Additionally, he says he plans to continue his fine art exploration. “I am always willing to sell any of my artwork to someone who appreciates it, along with accepting commissions for beautiful new endeavors.”