High School Student Spotlight: Megan Phillips

This article was originally published in the third issue of VIA Noke Magazine, printed in Roanoke, Virginia in October 2012.

Megan is a rising sophomore and attends Burton Center for the Arts.

VIA: What is your medium of choice for creating your artwork?

My medium of choice varies on what I’m doing usually, to be honest. If I have an idea that I think would look better painted, I paint, or if I think it would look better in graphite, I use pencil. My most used medium would probably be ink and ballpoint pen; I really enjoy working with ink.

VIA: What style or period of art inspires you as an artist?

A mixture of art from different time periods inspires me as an artist. I really love older works of art from the 1800’s and from the Renaissance; they’re big inspirations for me. At the same time I am inspired by a lot of more modern street art. I’m still learning so I try to draw inspiration from all time periods and styles of art!

VIA: Who are some of your favorite artists?

Since I first got started in art after looking at artists on the Internet, I have hundreds of favorite artists from different sites! When it comes to local artists, Toobz is my biggest inspiration. I adore his work; he’s really someone I look up to.

VIA: What are your plans for after high school?

I want to be a sort of Renaissance woman, by being established in various fields. My passions are art, music/ piano, and history. I have a lot of plans for after high school. I would like to become a professional artist, pianist/musician and plan to go to college to learn as much as I can about these subjects. If everything works out eventually settle down as a history teacher. It is a pretty ambitious plan but I’m going to try my best to get to my goals by starting to work on them now!