Getting started at the Marginal Arts Festival

This article was originally published on the original VIA Noke Magazine blog in January 2013.

Today marked the first official day of the Marginal Arts Festival, although Lycee events (workshops, debates, etc,) have been going on all week. Chelsea and I ventured downtown and were happy to run into Brian Counihan, who was garnering attention for the festival by parading through Market Square wearing a huge papier-mâché sugar skull.

Our first official MAF event was Circus Pony, a circus-inspired collection of works curated by local artist Susan Jamison for the Star City Creator’s Society. This colorful and whimsical show, held at Liminal Alternative Artspace (302 Campbell Ave SE) includes works by local and national artists with a special opening night performance by Tif Robinette. The show will hang until April 12, so be sure to stop by and see it while you can!

Unfortunately I attended with no memory card in my camera, but I was able to snap a couple of shots with my phone!